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Your home can be one of the biggest investments you'll make in your lifetime. You can add value, safety, and privacy with a wood, vinyl, composite, or metal fence. Choosing your material can be a personal preference based on the amount of privacy you need, your budget, and what you're wanting to maintain. For instance, wood fences will require staining or painting every few years, where vinyl and composite fences will not. However vinyl and composite fences tend to be price much higher than wood fences. 

Regardless of the type of material, size or shape of your fence, at J&R Fence and Deck we have several years of experience to provide you with a professionally installed fence that will last for several years. 

Don't choose a company that is going to gouge you on price and not properly install your fence posts. Incorrect installation of fence posts, and leveling correctly, causes severe issues to your fence. If posts are not installed correctly, your beautiful fence will start to sag, and shift with the freezing temperatures. 

We, the owners are on every job site ensuring that the quality is 100% to our satisfaction. You will never have a fence that shifts, sags or warps with our installation. 

Fill out the quote form below and we will come out to visit your site to give you a professional quote. 

Examples Of Our Fence Work

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